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a little personal post // words of encouragement


My life hasn’t always been easy. I reckon everybody has had certain days where they just want to lay in bed all day and forget the world. Many people out there are dealing with horrible things such as bullying, abuse, illnesses, financial problems, depression, etc… 

and that’s tough. It’s hard having to go through a day when you feel like shit. When you feel like all the odds are against you. But let me tell you something, you’re not alone. You are strong and you CAN survive this. You CAN become better. You WILL have a happy ever after. I believe in you.

When I was 13, I was bullied. The people I had known since I was 6 years old were bullying me. Those who I had considered my friends enjoyed calling me ugly, fat and comparing me to a boy. And it stung. It really did. One day I ran home crying because I honestly couldn’t deal with it anymore. My mum found me in my room crying my eyes out because I thought everything my “friends” had said was true. But it wasn’t true. It was utter bullshit. 

At that time I was going through a lot, I was moving out of the country to come live in Scotland and I wanted nothing more but for people to remember me, miss me even. But I realised that it was honestly not worth it, those who insult you and judge you are NOT worth your time. Every single one of you are special in your own way, in a good way. I mean who knows? Maybe you will become a doctor and save countless of lives, maybe you will become a teacher, a nurse, a designer. Maybe you will win an Oscar before Leonardo DiCaprio. 

What you all have in common though, is the right to be happy. You all deserve so much happiness, and if someone says otherwise just tell them to go fxck themselves because you ARE an amazing person, you ARE beautiful, and smart and lovely! You guys honestly deserve so much in life. Please believe it.

If you ever need anyone to talk to don’t hesitate, you’re free to message me about anything that is bothering you. I will be more than happy to help you and give you all the advice you need. And don’t worry, everything will be answered privately. You are not alone.

I hope you have an amazing day lovelies xx

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if i ever get famous im going to make a tumblr and only reblog things about my tv show or movie or whatever but everyone will think its just a normal fandom blog and they wont know its me and people will follow me and ill make tumblr friends and one day ill skype my best tumblr friend and ill turn on my camera and theyll just be looking at their favourite celebrity like how amazing would that be if that happened to you

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"Over the summer, I had also begun to talk with this Italian girl by my computer.
We had never met, she was incredibly beautiful and we talked almost constandly.
As many Italians, she didn’t really know English too well. So, I had to wait around for like 20 minutes for a reply to my messages.
She’d gotten to know my videos through a friend, whom told her to ‘watch this idiot, playing videogames.’
Apparently, she liked that idiot. And I liked her a lot, aswell. But, I knew it didn’t mean anything, unless we actually met.
If it was something that I learnt at this point, it’s that if you want something, grab it. Otherwise, you’ll just regret yourself.
So, after barely two months, I decided to travel to Italy to visit her. I hadn’t traveled alone before and we hadn’t spoken directly at each other.”